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Heating Cooling Dry Block

Heating Cooling Dry BlockThe DC10 Chilling/Heating Dry Bath is compact, versatile, reliable and easy to use. It is adopted high quality Pelties plate to ensure long-term stable operation and controlled can be widely used in preservation and reaction of samples, DNA amplification, electrophoresis denaturation and serum solidificatiopn etc.


  • Energy-efficient Peltier design.
  • Automatic fault detection and buzzer alarm function.
  • Electronic calibration. User can reset to any local standard.
  • Small, compact size uses very little bench space.
  • Easy replacement, cleaning and disinfecting of metal blocks.

Microwave Synthesis System with Ultrasound and UV light

Technical Parameters:

Microwave Synthesis System with Ultrasound and UV light Model No.: XO-SM100;
Ultrasonic Power: 0~1000W;
Ultrasonic Frequency: 25KHz;
Microwave Power: 0~1000W;
Microwave Frequency: 2450MHz;
Handling Capacity: 0.5~800ML;
Probe Diameter: Φ10;

Key Features:

  1. XO-SM50 Series Ultrasonic Microwave Combined Reaction System has the feature of flexible combination which the ultrasonic or microwave can be independently controlled and collaborate;
  2. Adopting SAMSUNG Microwave Generating System, steady performance, microwave power adjustable, frequency: 2450MHz;
  3. Ultrasonic power adjustable, frequency: 25KHz, ultrasonic frequency selective range:15~40KHz; the ultrasonic generator is no need to put into samples, but energy is transfered by air,and work directly to samples;
  4. Optional matching vacuum pump to remove moisture, suitable for ultra-low temperature mircowave vacuum drying experiments, or liquid reaction experiments that require eliminating water vapor or other reactant gas;
  5. Optional Teflon Digestion Tank with temperature or pressure control and magnetic agitation;
  6. Reaction vessel may optinal match the unique designed cold water linking apparatus,temperature control: -40~500℃, it controls the high temperature that caused by microwave emission, microwave utilization ratio can be reached 100%, so reactant will be fully effected, ensuring the homogeneity and high yield of reaction product;
  7. Parameters are controlled using high sensitive touch screen, all parameters programmable control, five groups experimental data storage;
  8. With 10 inches ultrathin, high definition, multi-function liquid crystal displayer, showing the working condition in real-time;
  9. With high precision gold-plating PT100 armored thermocouple sensor or non contact IR Sensor detecting the reaction temperature real time, enable to control the reaction process temperature; control range: 0~500℃, precision: ≤±0.5℃;
  10. With the function of particular Inverter Blast Heat Dissipation, keeping temperature in chamber uniformity;
  11. Work hour: continuous, 0~9999S adjustable;
  12. Programmable Microwave, Ultrasonic system, temperature, time, power are adjustable at the same time;
  13. Optional glass container, teflon materials reaction system;

Ultrasonic Bath

Ultrasonic Bath Price: Rs. 18000/- TAXES EXTRA
Model: UB3
Operating frequency: 40 KHz
Tank Capacity (Liters): 1.2LTR/3 LTR/6LTR/10LTR
Internal tank stuff: SUS 304 #1.0t
External stuff: Steel plate toast paint
LID cover stuff: Stainless steel SUS 304
Timer: 1-99min
Ultrasonic power: 50/100/200 W
Heating Power: 100W
Net weight: 2.9kg
Drainage: - - Have
Power source: AC100~120V/AC220~240V 50/60Hz.

Sample Concentrator

Ultrasonic Bath ND200-2 Sample Concentrator is with microprocessor controlled and PID fuzzy controlled technique. Instead of traditional water bath device, the heat-conducting medium is high purity aluminum. The Test tubes are held in a block, and blowing a large number of samples at one time. It can be used in residue analysis, commodity inspection, food, pharmacy and biological product and other industries.

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